Lilo & Stitch (2003-2006)

Description: The rambunctious human and alien duo must hunt down Dr. Jumba Jookiba’s 625 other experimental creatures infesting Hawaii.
Creators: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders
Stars: Daveigh Chase, Chris Sanders, David Ogden Stiers



The creators said that the four crossover chapters were inspired by the trailers for the original movie, which showed Stitch appearing in other Disney films.

“Melty” was based on one of the original designs for the Mushu dragon of Mulan (1998).

In Spring 2004, Disney Channel ran a poll asking viewers to vote for the Top 10 favorite experiments and episodes. They were:
10: Experiment 360: Drowsy
9: Experiment 608: Slugger
8: Experiment 323: Hunkahunka
7: Experiments 501 & 502: Yin and Yang
6: Experiment 158: Finder
5: Experiment 627
4: Experiment 300: Spooky
3: Experiment 254: Mr. Stenchy
2: Experiment 151: Babyfier
1: Experiment 624: Angel

First Disney Animated TV series based on a film where all the Original Voice Actors reprise their roles.

Mrs. Hasagawa’s name is Liu

First Disney TV spinoff that’s based off a PG Rated Film.

The 300 “Spooky” experiment is inspired by the Oogie Boogie from the Disney movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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